How the game is played

The basic object of basketball is to make the orange ball go through one of the two ten-foot hoops placed at either end of the court.Basketball

Each team is allowed to have five players on the court at any time.

To move the ball, players have three options:

  • Pass the ball to a teammate
  • Dribble the ball and move towards the basket
  • Shoot the ball into the hoop

The defense’s job is to stop the offense from scoring baskets. To accomplish this, defenses have several options:

  • Steal the ball from the player in possession
  • Block the ball after a player shoots
  • Force a turnover by crowding offensive players
  • Rebound the ball first after a missed shot

Rules are set in place to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage. On offense, players may not:

  • Move with the ball for two-and-a-half steps without dribbling
  • Dribble the ball after picking it up with both hands
  • Run over a stationary defensive player
  • Touch the ball if it is in contact the hoop

On defense, players may not:

  • Obstruct the forward progress of an offensive player
  • Interfere with an offensive player’s shooting motion
  • Strike an opponent on the arm while dribbling

Over the years, players have developed athletically to possess several characteristics:

  • Height (the average NBA player is 6’6″)
  • Length (the average NBA player has a large wingspan)
  • Quickness (lateral movement occurs in every NBA play)

Most NBA games are high-scoring affairs, with the winning team usually accounting for 100 points or more. The best defensive teams can hold their opponent to 70-80 points, and the best offensive teams can score 110-120 points.

The game of basketball has evolved to become fast-paced, and we can expect for more developments to happen as the years progress.


Sources: Breakthrough Basketball



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